Housing and Homeless Programs


Homeless? call 211 for referrals

 For anyone who’s fallen behind on rent payments since the pandemic started, help is now available from the state. RentHelpMN is a rental assistance program for low- and moderate-income renters. If you have applied and been denied for RentHelp, there may be other funds available to help such as the Family Homeless Prevention Assistance Program (FHPAP) by calling 2-1-1

Do you need help with financial assistance for rent/utilities? 

Do you need help with connecting to other resources and services? 

Call our triage teams.

If you live in Duluth, call 218-733-2717
If you live in northern St. Louis County, please call 218-471-7391



The City of Duluth provided permission to share this link from their website.
View an interactive map of housing projects that are under review, under construction or complete with additional information.

Shelter Options

For those seeking immediate shelter in St. Louis County, here is a list of shelters:
List of shelters

Heading Home Announcements

The Racial Equity & Accountability Project (REAP) Leadership Team

The Racial Equity & Accountability Project (REAP) Leadership Team will serve as St. Louis County Continuum of Care’s (CoC) community advisory and action group to help ensure that racial disparities in the homeless response system are reduced and ultimately ended. The REAP Leadership Team will be supported with technical assistance and coaching to identify proposed changes and accomplish goals. This team will be made up mostly of people of African Heritage, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and prioritize those with lived experiences of homelessness and housing insecurity. 
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Housing and Homelessness Programs Unit Values and Guiding Principles: Servant Leadership, Housing and Community First, Harm Reduction, Cultural Responsiveness and Humility, Trauma Informed


For more detailed information about housing related data, use the Housing data request form (pdf). This form can be electronically completed and then emailed to:


or it can printed and mailed to:

laura birnbaum
government services center
320 w 2nd street 
room 101
duluth, mn, 55802




For Housing Assistance call

Southern Triage Team:
Phone: 218-733-2717

Northern Triage Team:
Phone: 218-471-7391

Housing and Homelessness Unit:

Laura Birnbaum
Housing and Homelessness Programs Team Supervisor
Phone: 218-726-2492
Courtney Cochran
Continuum of Care (CoC) Coordinator
Phone: 218-725-5158
Kevin Radzak
Housing and Homelessness Program Specialist
Stacy Radosevich
Senior Planner
Phone: 218-726-2543

Tawney Carlson
Social Services Specialist
Phone: 218-726-2043

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