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Mission Statement

The St. Louis County Health Insurance Committee will work to understand health insurance issues and trends, understand the County self-insured fund, recommend annual rates to the County Board, and provide education, advice and information on health insurance-related issues to the St. Louis County Board, its employees and members of the self-insured plan.

2019 Goals

• Study and strategize around the Affordable Care Act
• Educate member to be proactive in their health and healthcare
• Study and collect feedback on early retiree pooling requirements
• Identify and investigate claims drivers
• Study medical benefit design strategies and trends
• Explore alternate health plan option with lower premium
• Explore Rx copay alternatives with Prime Therapeutics and BCBSM

Meeting Minutes

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2019 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are scheduled at 9:00 AM in the County Board Conference Room in the Duluth Courthouse.

February 20th
May 15th
July 17th
September 18th
October 16th
December 18th