Emergency: Effective Tuesday, June 1, all St. Louis County offices are open to the public.
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Important information related to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) 

All St. Louis County offices will re-open to the public on June 1.  Face masks are not required to be worn inside county buildings, however anyone who is not yet fully vaccinated is encouraged to continue wearing a mask. 

The County Attorney's Office prosecutes crimes which occur in the County, such as felonies, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors. The Office also prosecutes juvenile offenders. Prosecutors and victim/witness personnel administer diversion programs which allow juvenile offenders to receive consequences for minor offenses without appearing in court.

The Public Health & Human Services Division of the County Attorney's Office initiates Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) petitions to protect abused or neglected children in the county. The Division also starts legal proceedings to protect the health and safety of vulnerable adults within the County when they are in need of assistance, file involuntary commitment actions to provide necessary treatment for individuals who are mentally ill or chemically dependent. 

The Civil Division of the County Attorney's office acts as legal advisers for the County Board of Commissioners, County officials, and County departments. As legal advisers for the County, the Division serves in a role that is similar to that of an in-house corporate counsel, giving legal advice on all Civil proceedings.


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St. Louis County Attorney, Mark S. Rubin, is currently in his third term. His first term started in January 2011, he was re-elected to a second term that started in January 2015, and re-elected to a third term that started January 2019.