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Business Services is responsible for entering into Contracts, making Payments to service vendors and working with families and others on Estate Recovery.


The St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services Department provides a broad array of human services to the residents of St. Louis County. These services are provided by professional staff of the department or by the professionals under contract with the department. Contracts are entered into in response to community need and to help the PHHS Department accomplish its core objectives. Requests for contracts typically come from department staff and/or community service providers. The contract application and review process looks at service need, service definitions and standards, licensing and regulatory requirements, staffing, insurance, funding sources, budget considerations, and rate structures. Following administrative review by the PHHS Department, the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners reviews and acts on Contract requests. Contract documents are developed and executed by the Contract Services Unit following Board approval.
Contract Services Areas:
Children & Family Services, Children’s Mental Health, Financial Assistance Services, Child Support Services, Drug Testing, Public Health, Administrative and Public Service Contracts
Adult Services - Waivers & Housing Support, Adult Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, Homeless, SILS & DT&H
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If you have any questions about contracts, contact our Contract Representative Team via email.

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Per Minnesota Statute 471.425, valid vendor obligations will be paid within 35 days of the date of receipt.   
For payment inquiries:  Contact your licensor, social worker, financial worker, or county contact.

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Relevant Minnesota Statutes

MN Statute 256B.15
MN Statute 524.3-805


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