About The Sheriff's Office


The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all law enforcement activity in the unincorporated areas of St. Louis County and the Cities of Mountain Iron.

Law enforcement functions include:
  • Patrol
  • Investigations
  • Court Services

The Sheriff's Office is responsible for providing boat and water safety enforcement, maintaining the County Jail and Range Lockups, providing Emergency Management for the County and overseeing the St. Louis County Sheriff's Volunteer Rescue Squad.

To fill the Sheriff’s statutory requirements of providing full service law enforcement and emergency service throughout our 7,000 square mile county, offices are kept at the following locations: Duluth, Hibbing, Virginia, Mountain Iron, Cook, Ely, and Rice Lake.

The three major offices located in Duluth, Hibbing, and Virginia have personnel assigned to the following divisions:

  • Administration
  • Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Narcotics Investigations
  • Criminal Records and Court Services (civil process and warrants)
In addition, the Duluth Office personnel are assigned to:
  • Transportation
  • Emergency Management Division


In emergency or to file a report, call 911.

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