Court Security


Court Security falls under the jurisdiction of the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office.  Effective January 2011, the Sheriff's Office transitioned from having both Court Security Officers and Bailiffs to having only Court Security Officers.

As part of the court’s transition to being run by the state, Court Bailiffs were transferred to the Sheriff’s Office as employees on January 1, 2005.  From 1987 to 2005 Bailiffs fell under the Court Administrator.  Prior to that time they were appointed by the Sheriff.

Bailiffs were responsible for assisting the courts in their daily operations.  Bailiffs maintained a sense of order and performed tasks as an essential part of the courtroom team.  

Note: effective July 1, 2013, no bags, purses or other containers are allowed in courtrooms in any of St. Louis County's three courthouses, per judges' order. Please plan accordingly.

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In emergency or to file a report, call 911.

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