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Public Health and Human Service Advisory Committee

The mission of the St Louis County Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee is to advance a County where all are safe and healthy. The Committee makes recommendations to the St Louis County Board of Commissioners and to the Department relative to the public health and social service needs of the county communities and residents. An annual report of Committee activities is given to the County Board of Commissioners at the end of each calendar year.

Strategic Priorities

  • Promote inclusive community engagement and collaboration
  • Identify, understand, and address community health, social, and safety issues
  • Influence policy-makers for health, social services, and well-being
  • Champion Health Equity

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Heading Home Advisory Council

In order to fully coordinate homeless funds in St Louis County, it was our collective vision that there would be one advisory body that would eventually oversee all Federal, State, and local homeless funds. The newly formed advisory committee would have both City of Duluth and St Louis County appointed members.

This leadership council has 15 appointed Commissioners. The appointed Governance Board is charged with:
  • Monitoring and advisement of homeless funds
  • Staying current with local needs and gaps
  • Best practices to prevent and end homelessness

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Substance Use Disorder Collaborative

We are a collaborative group comprised of recovery supports and Substance Use Disorder service providers that span St. Louis County, Carlton County, and surrounding Tribal Nations.
The Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Collaborative is a coordinated, timely, culturally responsive, and person centered system of care that offers choice and direct access to recovery.

The SUD Collaborative provides services and supports to people with Substance Use Disorder, reduces the number of substance use related deaths and increases the number of people in our recovery community.

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Opioid Remediation Settlement Advisory Committee

This committee serves to prioritize use of settlement funds from the national class action lawsuit involving several prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors. The purpose is to offer guidance on directing funds across broad categories including prevention, criminal justice, treatment and recovery, and harm reduction to achieve meaningful, long-term impact. 

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Public Health and Human Services Advisory Committee
Phone: 218-733-2910

Heading Home Committee
Phone: 218-733-2910

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