The Minnesota Department of Human Services offers programs that provide health insurance to qualifying Minnesota residents. Covered health services may differ by health care program and health plan enrollment. Income, asset, and other criteria as set by the state, apply.

If you want to apply for Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP), it's important to use the correct application form. For most people, the easiest way to apply for coverage is online at, unless you are in one of the population groups that need to use one of the other forms as indicated below. 

How to Apply

Children and Families

This information is for families with children as well as adults who do not have children under age 19 living with them, are under age 65 and do not have a disability.  Typically seniors and people with disabilities apply for health care programs differently than children and families.

  • Apply online through, Minnesota's health insurance marketplace.
  • Fill out and return the MNsure paper application DHS-6696 to your local agency office.
  • Call or go to your local agency office to pick up an application or have it mailed to you.

Seniors and People with Disabilities

This information is for people who are 65 years old or older and people with disabilities who are younger than 65 years old.  These people should apply with a Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations DHS-3876 through their local county or tribal office. They should not apply online through Complete a Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations DHS-3876 if everyone in your household meets one of the following:
  • Only requesting help with Medicare costs
  • 21 through 64 years old with no dependents and has Medicare coverage
  • Receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Applying for Medical Assistance for Employed Person with Disabilities (MA-EPD)
  • A child in foster care
  • Requesting help to pay for home and community-based services to help them remain living in their home

Ways to Apply

Medical Assistance for Long-Term Care Services (MA-LTC)

This program may pay for nursing home services or nursing home level services provided in-home or in an assisted living setting  for people who would otherwise need to be in a nursing home. MA-LTC is for persons who are disabled or age 65 and older.

Ways to Apply  

Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs)

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) help people who have low income pay the cost of their Medicare coverage.  Depending on which program you qualify for, a MSP may pay for your Medicare Part B premium, Medicare Part A premium or Medicare copays and deductibles.

Ways to Apply 

Medical Transportation

St. Louis County has a plan to help eligible Minnesota Health Care Program enrollees get to and from medical services.  More information can be found here.