All St. Louis County employees and visitors to St. Louis County buildings are required to wear a mask in any public or common areas.


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02-Peterson, Ron Presentation
Public Notice12/7/20218.13 MBDownload
Borrow Pit-Public Works
Form12/31/20191.49 MBDownload
VI-SPDAT assessment tools (PDF Fillable)
PDF fillable form
Various tools attached for families, singles, youth and people who are justice involved
Publication12/14/2021598.30 KBDownload
$0 Insulin copay program
Communications10/30/2019819.10 KBDownload
01.15.2020 HSP Advisory Committee Agenda
Agendas4/22/2020116.41 KBDownload
01.15.2020 HSP Advisory Committee Minutes
Minutes4/22/2020136.75 KBDownload
01.27.20 Agenda -- Ending Veteran Homelessness
Agendas4/30/202029.43 KBDownload
01.27.20 Minutes -- Ending Veteran Homelessness
Minutes4/30/202030.89 KBDownload
01_AIS Request for Proposals Overview (2022)
01-21-2021 LAC North Agenda
Agendas3/4/202140.18 KBDownload
01-21-2021 LAC North Minutes
Minutes3/4/202117.33 KBDownload
01-21-2021 LAC South Minutes
Minutes3/4/202160.37 KBDownload
01-Breitung Township Correspondence
Public Notice12/7/202147.39 KBDownload
01-Breitung Township Packet
Public Notice11/24/20216.26 MBDownload
01-Breitung Township Presentation
Public Notice12/7/20211,014.80 KBDownload
01-Peterson, Ron Correspondence (January)
Public Notice1/11/20221.30 MBDownload
01-Peterson, Ron Packet
Public Notice1/3/20227.97 MBDownload
01-Peterson, Ron Presentation
Public Notice1/11/20228.13 MBDownload
02.24.20 Agenda -- Ending Veteran Homelessness
Agendas4/30/202029.44 KBDownload
02.24.20 Minutes -- Ending Veteran Homelessness
Minutes4/30/202030.37 KBDownload
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