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The Community Connection newsletters highlights events, programs, and news from St. Louis County Extension and The Depot and its tenant organizations.

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St. Louis County Extension is seeking individuals who are interested in being considered to serve as a member of the Extension Committee. The mission of the Extension Committee is to make a difference by connecting community needs and resources to address critical issues in St. Louis County to improve the quality of life and enhance the economy and environment through education and applied research. As a member of the committee, you would learn about and advocate for Extension programming (4-H, Incredible Exchange, SNAP-Ed, Master Gardeners, Youth in Action, and so much more) plus identify community needs where Extension could be of service to the County. Applicants must be able to attend monthly meetings, as scheduled. Committee members are eligible for mileage reimbursement. Terms are 3 years, effective 1/2023 through 12/2025. For additional information, please contact Extension Regional Director, Keri Cavitt at cavit005@umn.edu or 218-464-3798.
Applications are being accepted until appointments are made. To apply, please complete this application, also posted in the Boards and Committees section.

Gardening Questions?

If you have horticulture or gardening questions, please call (218) 733-2870 and press 2 to leave a message on our horticulture line. Please leave a brief message with your name, phone number and email and one of our educators will connect with you!

County Extension Office

The County Extension Office offers programs and services to all age groups. Our mission is to serve the public and make a difference by connecting community needs with County and University resources and to address critical issues in St. Louis County. Our goals are to improve life skills, quality of life, and enhance the economy and the environment through education and applied research.

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