Report fraud online by clicking here: Minnesota Fraud Hotline

St Louis County, in collaboration with the MN Department of Human Services Office of the Inspector General (OIG), works to prevent public assistance fraud.

If you have heard about or seen instances of potential fraud waste or abuse in our programs, we want to know. We will review your concerns quickly. You are not required to leave contact information but doing so allows investigators to contact you if more information is needed.

How to Report: 

What information should I include?

Your information will be helpful if you can include the details of who, what when, where and how.

Who is involved? Report as much of the following information you have about the person, or people, you are calling about: full name, date of birth, address, and relationship between involved parties. Who else knows this is happening, or is a witness?

What do you believe is the actual fraud, what did the person/people do? Describe exactly what is happening. What documentation or evidence do you have, or do you know exists?

When did this start or last occur? Provide date/time. Was this a one-time incident or is it an ongoing situation? Will this happen again in the future?

Where is the activity taking place? If possible, give details, names of stores, addresses of residences, and the name of the city/town.

How is this happening? How did you come to find out about it?

When will I hear back about my report?

Do not expect a follow-up response.

An OIG investigator will review your complaint for relevance and completeness. Although every report of fraud is tracked, not all complaints result in an investigation. If you provide your name and contact information, an investigator may contact you.


Fraud Prevention
Phone: 218-725-5148

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Hotline
Phone: 651-431-2650
Phone: 800-627-9977

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