Minor Parent Program
The Minor Parent Program (MPP) provides services to pregnant or parenting minors in making appropriate plans for themselves and their children.
Primary issues of concern addressed by the service include: the parent’s continued school attendance; safe and supportive living arrangements for the parent and child; the parent’s decision regarding parenting or placement for adoption; parenting skill development; childcare; child support; information about financial assistance programs; access to health care and other needed services; and planning for self-sufficiency.  The goal of the program is to assist young parents, who face extra parenting challenges, in providing a healthy start in life for their children.
Referrals to the Minor Parent Program are required of hospital staff within 72 hours of a child’s birth to a mother under age 18.  Referrals also are made by the Financial Assistance Division when a minor parent applies for MFIP, as working a service plan with the MPP social worker is a requirement for their eligibility for MFIP.  Referrals may also be made by the extended family, other CFS staff, public health nurses, and other community professionals.


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