Mental Health


There are a variety of services available to individuals who are impacted by mental illness. Some services are available within St. Louis County, while some may be available from outside partners within our community.

We can assist you in accessing the service that meets your need and focuses on your health and healing.

Services available:

Mental Health Targeted Case Management

Adult Mental Health Targeted Case Management (MH-TCM) services help adults with a "serious and persistent mental illness (SPMI)" gain access to needed medical, social, educational, vocational, financial and other necessary services as they relate to the recipient's mental health needs.

Once eligibility is determined, case management may be provided by a county case manager or through a contracted agency.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT & T-ACT)


Civil Commitment

Minnesota Statute 253B.07 - 253B.09, 253B.17

Civil Commitment Process:

  1. Request is made for a civil commitment from treating physician (typically the person is hospitalized).
  2. Screening team gathers information and will screen the individual.
  3. If criteria are met for a commitment, the screening team works to file the petition for a commitment.
  4. The court will ultimately decide if a commitment is warranted.
  5. If committed, the individual is committed to the Commissioner of the Department of Human Services and requesting hospital, but will receive case management from St. Louis County.

Mental Health Resources


Minnesota Treatment Providers

Other Resources  
This website provides information about the signs and symptoms of psychosis, provides friends, families, and health care professionals with tools for helping someone experiencing psychosis, and describes the NAVIGATE program which provides first-episode psychosis treatment.

SLC Mental Health Local Advisory Council

A Local Advisory Council is intended to bring together diverse perspectives on mental health in order to identify resources, changes, additions and improvements to local mental health services for children and adults. Gathering community members to discuss issues related to mental health services will help identify new and creative ideas.

St. Louis County Mental Health Local Advisory Council homepage


South St. Louis County

Phone: 218-355-1530

North St. Louis County
Phone: 218-471-7128

South St. Louis County

ACT 218-728-7922
T-ACT 218-727-4200

North St. Louis County
ACT 218-471-7130

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