Flock Cameras


Flock Cameras

Effective 12/01/2023, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office installed seven (7) automated license plate reading (ALPR) cameras to solve and reduce crime. The cameras are built by Flock Safety, a public safety technology company that helps neighborhoods, communities, and law enforcement work together to fight crime.

The Flock Safety system also helps law enforcement solve crime by providing the objective evidence needed for investigations. According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 7 in 10 crimes are committed with a vehicle.

A priority of the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is to prevent, detect, and solve crimes. ALPR cameras are a proven method to solving crimes and keeping communities safer.  

In accordance to MN State Statute 138.24, Subd.5(b), the responsible authority for a law enforcement agency must establish written procedures to ensure that law enforcement personnel have access to the data only if authorized in writing by the chief of police, sheriff, or head of the law enforcement agency, or their designee, to obtain access to data collected by an automated license plate reader for a legitimate, specified, and documented law enforcement purpose.


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