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In providing medical coverage to employees and retirees, St. Louis County participates in a program of self insurance. The County contracts with a health insurance company to administer the claims and health care coverage for subscribers. Because the County is self-insured, subscribers are encouraged to be prudent in obtaining health care services. In this way, subscribers may assist the County in its effort to curtail the increasing costs of health care. 


St. Louis County offers a comprehensive major medical health plan to its employees and eligible retirees. This plan type features a deductible and an out of pocket maximum expense for participants. Since this plan is an open access plan, there is no need to select a primary care provider or to acquire a referral, however, there is an incentive to use preferred providers (see tiering information posted under NETWORKS). 

Out of Pocket Costs Guide

2023 Out-of-Pocket Costs Guide

2024 Out-of-Pocket Costs Guide


Summary of Health Coverage

2024 Summary of Benefit Coverage
2023 Summary of Benefit Coverage
2022 Summary of Benefit Coverage
2021 Summary of Benefit Coverage
2020 Summary of Benefit Coverage 
2019 Summary of Benefit Coverage
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Complete health insurance booklet/manual

2023 Benefits Booklet
2022 Benefits Booklet
2021 Benefits Booklet
2020 Benefits Booklet 
2019 Benefits Booklet
2018 Plan Summary Description
2017 Plan Summary Description
2016 Plan Summary Description

Plan Prescription drug coverage information:
RxBin:  610455
Pharmacy Network:  Classic
Formulary Name: KeyRx





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St. Louis County Self-Insured Plan:
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St. Louis County Group Medicare Plans:


Find an in-network Pharmacy near you  (choose the CLASSIC network from the drop down list)

In-network providers will get you the most benefits for the least expense and paperwork. 

Tier 1 = Enhanced Value Network = Least Cost
Tier 2 = Standard Value Network = Higher Cost
Out-of-Network = Highest Cost

In-Network providers are providers in the St. Louis County Network

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Prescription Drugs

Is my medicine covered by my St. Louis County medical insurance?  Find my Medicine

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Plan Prescription drug coverage information:
RxBin:  610455
Pharmacy Network:  Classic
Formulary Name: KeyRx

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