Health Insurance Committee


St. Louis County
Health Insurance Committee
Membership Directory


SLC Employees Association **
Gordy Halverson 218-625-3803
Alternate:  Ben Martin 218-279-2524

Human Resources Director*
Jim Gottschald, 218-726-2422

County Auditor
Nancy Nilsen, 218-726-2380

Merit System Basic, AFSCME Council 5
Sasha Lehto, 218-471-7776
Alternate: Leanne Barker, 218-262-6070
(ext.8730 when calling internally)

Confidential Public Employee Assoc.
Megan Haworth 218.725.5065
Alternate: Christina Hansen 218-725-5058

County Attorney
Kim Maki  218-726-2323

Stephanie Lundgren, 218-726-2178
Alternate:  Terry McCabe 218-471-7760

Civil Service Basic, AFSCME Council 5
Krista Shopp 218-262-6006
Alternate:  Jolene Jamnick 218-471-7713

Vacant, call 218.725.5056 if interested in the position
Alternate: Vacant

County Administrator
Kevin Gray 218-726-2562

Jail Corrections/911 Essential Employees
Heather Ninefeldt 218-726-2345
Alternate:  Vacant

Unclassified Investigators
Katie Finc 218-733-2785
Alternate: Vacant

Unclassified Attorneys
Thomas Stanley 218-726-2323
Alternate: Vacant

Sheriff Supervisory
T. Wade Rasch 218-336-4347
Alternate: Vacant

Deputy Sheriff Association
Mike McDougall 218-336-4306
Alternate: Alyssa Schlichting  x4352

Beth Menor, Committee Clerk
Benefits Advisor

Tiffany Kari Cizmas, Health Promotions Coordinator

Jeff Coenen, Johnson Insurance Consultants

**Presiding Co-Chair

Mission Statement

The St. Louis County Health Insurance Committee will work to understand health insurance issues and trends, understand the County self-insured fund, recommend annual rates to the County Board, and provide education, advice and information on health insurance-related issues to the St. Louis County Board, its employees and members of the self-insured plan.

2024 Goals

• Educate & engage members to be proactive in their health & healthcare
• Identify & investigate claims drivers
• Study benefit design strategies and trends
• Review options for a travel benefit program and alternatives
• Study costs and benefits of specialty drugs for weight loss
• Explore additional locations for employee wellness space
• Consider adding orthodontia coverage to dental plan in 2025

Meeting Minutes

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2024 Meeting Schedule

All meetings are scheduled at 9:00 AM and end when the agenda is completed. 

February 21st
May 15th
July 17th
September 18th
October 16th
December 18th