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Public Health

What is Public Health? It's a team of nurses and educators who focus on protecting and improving the health and safety of families, communities and large populations. Public Health promotes healthy lifestyles, and focuses on areas such as injury protection, prevention and detection of infectious diseases, and disease research. 

Public Health Nurse visiting elderly client

Our work involves implementing educational programs, administering services, conducting research and recommending policies that:

  • Promote healthy communities and behaviors 
  • Prevent the transmission and spread of infectious disease
  • Assure access to quality health services for all
  • Assist with response to natural disasters, environmental health hazards and public health nuisances

Why does Public Health matter?

Did you know your home and neighborhood can impact your health? For instance, do you live in an area with easy access to healthy food choices? And do you have safe opportunities for healthy activities?

In Duluth alone, residents' average life expectancy varies by more than 11 years, depending on the ZIP code in which they live. 

Likewise, people living in poverty are more likely to suffer from physical and mental health issues, and are less likely to receive preventative health care than the average American.

St. Louis County Public Health nurses are actively working to raise awareness of these disparities and find solutions that will lead to healthier communities.


Have a question for a Public Health Nurse?

Give us a call, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Duluth: 218-725-5210

Virginia: 218-471-7600

Hibbing: 218-262-6000

Ely: 218-365-8200

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