Infectious Disease Prevention & Control

Preventing, monitoring, and limiting the spread of infectious disease is an important part of the work we do as public health professionals. We provide education, develop and implement plans for prevention and control, conduct investigations to help us understand the history of an outbreak so we can better plan for the future, and work with community partners to respond when an outbreak of infectious disease occurs.


Our current clinics for COVID-19 vaccines are serving those who are uninsured or underinsured.  

  • To find clinic dates, make an appointment, confirm eligibility, or ask questions, call our offices in:  

    • Duluth - 218-725-5210 

    • Virginia - 218-471-7600  

  • Locations: 

    • Duluth Government Services Center  
      320 W. Second St.  
      Duluth, MN 55802   

    • Virginia Government Services Center 
      201 South 3rd Ave. W.  
      Virginia, MN 55792 

More Options for COVID-19 Vaccines 

Testing for COVID-19 

Testing is recommended for anyone who is experiencing symptoms or who has recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. For more information:  

Visit our COVID-19 Story Map to learn about the pandemic response of St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, Emergency Management, and Safety and Risk Management. 

Learn more about COVID-19 from the Minnesota Department of Health


We offer public immunization clinics for children 18 years of age or younger who are eligible for the Minnesota Vaccine for Children (MnVFC) program.  

Children enrolled in a Minnesota Health Care program (Medical Assistance or Minnesota Care) are encouraged to see their primary health care provider for a Child and Teen Checkup (C&TC) exam and immunizations.  

Immunization Records 

  • The Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) is a system that stores electronic immunization records. MIIC makes keeping track of vaccinations easier and helps ensure Minnesotans know which vaccines to get, and when to get them. You can request immunization records for you or your child.  

  • The Docket app is another resource now available to access and store your immunization records. Docket is supported by the Minnesota Department of Health and can be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Google Play. 

Immunization Statistics 

Immunization rates are estimates of the number of people who have received recommended vaccines. We look at data from two sources, using it to map out the best route for limiting the spread of infectious disease in our communities.  

  • National Immunization Survey (NIS)  

  • Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) 

Learn more from Minnesota’s statewide immunization statistics page. 


Hepatitis C

We follow up with people who have had a positive Hepatitis C antibody test and offer services, education, and connections to medical care. Contact Rillis Eklund to inquire about services. Public health nurses also offer Hepatitis C testing at various community events and at several community partner locations. Learn more about Hepatitis C from the Minnesota Department of Health. 



We provide case management for both active and latent cases of TB. TB can be managed when medication is taken as a doctor prescribes. We offer services to people affected by TB, including providing education, supporting you in your treatment plan, and monitoring side effects. Some people are eligible for free medication. Contact Rillis Eklund to inquire about services. Learn more about TB from the Minnesota Department of Health

Other Infectious Diseases

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Public Health Mainlines

Duluth: 218-725-5210

Ely: 218-365-8200

Hibbing: 218-312-8300

Virginia: 218-471-7600

Disease Prevention and Control Program Coordinator

Diane Seiloff Yourczek, 218-471-7609

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