Project Planning


St. Louis County Public Works is currently working on the following projects. For more information, click on the project website link for the project(s) of interest.

Howard Gnesen Road

St. Louis County Public Works is starting a public input process to decide what changes, if any, the county will make when Howard Gnesen Road is rebuilt in the future. the first step in the public input process is occurring through creation of the Howard Gnesen Road Active Transportation Plan. the public is encouraged to learn about the project and provide input using the interactive website listed below.

Howard Gnesen Project Planning Website

Eveleth-Rock Ridge Trail

St. Louis County, in coordination with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT), City of Eveleth, City of Virginia, Mesabi Trail and Rock Ridge School District, is exploring the option to construct a dedicated trail system that provides access to the new Rock Ridge Secondary and Laurentian Elementary Schools' campus from Eveleth and the Midway neighborhood of Virginia, and possible access to the Mesabi Trail for off-road vehicles.

Eveleth-Rock Ridge Trail Study Website


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