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Statutes & Ordinances


The County Surveyor and private licensed surveyors are subject to Minnesota State Statutes and Ordinances along with those governed by the county. For your convenience, we list the state information as links to their respective websites below and the document library at the bottom houses those documents governed by St Louis County.

General Land Survey Statutes

Injury to Signal
Minnesota State Statue 94.46

Preserving Section or Quarter-Section Corners
Minnesota State Statue 160.15

Duties of Surveyor
Minnesota State Statue 381.04

Section Corners Relocated
Minnesota State Statue 381.12

Township Landmarks
Minnesota State Statue 381.13

Violations; Penalty 
Minnesota State Statue 381.19

Minnesota State Statue 383C.451

Surveyor to Keep Field Notes
Minnesota State Statue 383C.455

County Surveyor 
Minnesota State Statue 389

Minnesota Platting Statutes

Plats; Coordinates; Surveys
Minnesota State Statue 505

Plat Contents; Survey; County Surveyor Approval
Minnesota State Statue 505.021

Registered Lands; Transfer, Surveys
Minnesota State Statue 508.47

Common Interest Community Plat
Minnesota State Statue 515B.2-110

St. Louis County Survey Ordinances

Filing of Surveys with the County Surveyor
St. Louis County Ordinance 21

Approval of all Subdivision Plats
St. Louis County Ordinance 34

Subdivision Ordinance
St. Louis County Ordinance 60



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