Help Keep the Roads Clean

St. Louis County's Adopt-A-Highway program is a public service opportunity for companies, clubs, churches, families and other organizations interested in keeping a county road segment clean. Participants are provided safety vests and garbage bags. St. Louis County will also install Adopt-A-Highway signs on your county road segment to recognize your organization’s service.

To begin, an organization must select a group administrator. This person is responsible for applying for the Adopt-A-Highway program and then serves as the point of contact for communication from St. Louis County. Once approved, a group must complete at least two (2) clean-ups every 12 months. Typically the clean-ups are completed in the spring and fall.

To apply for a segment, or to view an existing account, use the links below to launch the St. Louis County Adopt-a-Highway Mapping Application.

*The St. Louis County Adopt-a-Highway Mapping Application is currently down for maintenance.*

St. Louis County Adopt-a-Highway Mapping Application

Informational Brochure

For more information regarding the St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway program, please call 218-625-3860.