Help Keep the Roads Clean

The St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway program is a public service opportunity for businesses, clubs, churches, families, and other organizations to help keep the county highway system clean. In recognition and appreciation for your group's service, St. Louis County installs and maintains Adopt-a-Highway signs that display your group's name.

A group is expected to complete a highway cleanup two (2) times per calendar year. Typically, highway cleanups are completed during the spring (April/May) and fall (September/October).

St. Louis County provides safety vests and garbage bags at no cost. Volunteers are expected to provide their own gloves and other equipment such as garbage grabbers.

St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway Web Application

To view which county highway segments are available to adopt, apply to adopt a county highway segment, or submit a cleanup report, use the links below to launch the St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway Web Application.


Please Note: The Adopt-A-Highway Web Application is currently not optimized for viewing on a mobile device. We recommend viewing the application on a desktop computer or laptop. Production is underway for creating a mobile-friendly version of the application.

St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway Web Application

Informational Brochure

Application Instruction Manual

For more information regarding the St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway program, please call 218-625-3860.


What is my log-in account?

Your log-in includes an email address and a password. The email address was the email address given to us by your group administrator. The password is either the original default password that was sent in a letter to your group administrator, or it has been rest by the group administrator.

What if I don't remember the password to my account?

If you do not know your password or you need to reset it from the original default password, follow the steps bellow:

  • Open the application at
  • Click on the blue "Log in" button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  • In the 'Login' window, click on "Forgot your password?" to reset your password.

What if our current group administrator is no longer with the group and we can't access the account or reset the password?

Please contact the St. Louis County Adopt-A-Highway Administrator at 218-625-3860 to have your account set to a new group administrator.

What if I want to change the email address that is associated with my group?

Log in to your account and go to your Group Dashboard. Under the GROUP header, click on "Edit Group Information". Then enter in the new email address next to 'Email'. Note: This email address is used to log in. If you change this, it will change the log in email address and log you out of the application. Use the new email address to log back in.


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