Maintenance Districts


St Louis County is one of the largest in the country based on land area and because of this, it is split into four separate maintenance districts to best serve its residents and to be as efficient as possible. Each district is supervised by a superintendent and each one operates out of a local office for that district. 

Based on town, city or township, the maintenance districts follow unconventional "lines". To best understand which maintenance district you live in, use the search tool below. Enter your address into the search bar and the map will display information regarding your maintenance district.


4th Maintenance District

The Fourth Maintenance District encompasses an area of 2,700 square miles. The southwesterly border starts at the intersection of Koochiching County and Itasca County line and goes east along the boundary between Townships #60 and #61 to the Lake County line. The Northern boundary is the U.S./Canadian border, from Koochiching County on the West to Lake County on the East. The Fourth District maintains approximately 904 miles of roads.

5th Maintenance District

The Fifth Maintenance District encompasses the area bordered by Arrowhead and Ness Townships in the West, the Carlton County line, the City of Duluth, and Lake Superior's North shore to the South, the Lake County line to the East and a line from Lake County at the Ault Township line going West in an uneven line to County Highway #7 and County Highway #133 to the North. The Fifth District maintains approximately 903 miles of roads.

6th Maintenance District

The Sixth Maintenance District encompasses an area from County Highway #133 to the South to County Road #633 to the North, and from County Highway #137 on our Western boundary to the St. Louis County/Lake County line to the East. The Sixth District maintains approximately 871 miles of roads.

7th Maintenance District

The Seventh Maintenance District encompasses an area from the Carlton County Line on the South, to the Itasca County Line on the West, to County Highway #22 to the North, and an uneven line consisting of County Highways #7, #25, #137, and County Road #668 making up the Eastern boundary. The Seventh District maintains approximately 717 miles of roads.


4th District Highway Superintendent
Dale Johnson
Cook Office:

Ely Office:  

5th District Highway Superintendent
Gordy Halverson
Pike Lake Office:

6th District Highway Superintendent
Gerald Vanguilder

7th District Highway Superintendent
Chad Walters