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The St. Louis County Surveyor’s office maintains and archives a large volume of records pertaining to land surveying.  We have established a system of indexing and scanning these records to make them available for private land surveyors and property owners.  Research can be conducted on-line or at one of our public research terminals located in our Virginia and Pike Lake offices.


Survey Explorer

The Survey Explorer is a web map application designed to access a large number of the survey record resources housed in the County Surveyor’s Master Index(CSMI) and available in the offices of the County Surveyor. Below are links to the Survey Explorer application, Guide, and a static PDF of the CSMI.

Survey Explorer

SE Guide


Ordinance 21 Surveys

One of the core services provided by the County Surveyor's Office is the filing and public display of its surveys and the access to private surveys. These surveys are available for viewing in the Pike Lake office, through the Survey Explorer, or the PDF link below.

Ordinance 21

Submitted Surveys by TRS

Survey Access Policy

Recorded Plats

Plats are made of public and recorded in the St. Louis County Recorder’s Office. The St. Louis County Surveyor and Recorders office has recently scanned all official recorded plats prior to approximately 1975 in a high resolution color format.  These new scans are available through the Survey Explorer application and the recorders plat search application below.

Recorders plat search

Donating Survey Records

The County Surveyors office will accept donations of historic survey records pertaining to St. Louis County.  After determining if the records should be archived they may be indexed and/or scanned for archival and access from our online research application providing a benefit to all land owners throughout the county.

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