Construction Projects


The County is always maintaining the roads, bridges and infrastructure used by our citizens every day. As time goes on, new construction is needed as the need arises or is a better option than maintaining roads that have lived their life. This is an ongoing process and funds are applied to projects every year. We do our best to provide the most accurate information as to the current and upcoming projects so our citizens can plan appropriately. 

Road Construction Map

Project Websites

Woodland Ave/Anoka St Construction
Rice Lake Road Resurfacing Project
Rice Lake Road/Martin Road Roundabout Project
Morris Thomas Road Reconstruction
Eveleth/Virginia Rock Ridge Schools Pedestrian Trail Study
Federal Bridge Bundling Project

Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Program

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five year plan that matches the county's major capital needs for long-term physical asset development with the financial ability to meet these needs in a manner that better ensures the effective and efficient provision of government services and operations while maintaining a strong county infrastructure.

The CIP identifies projects that have been designed to support existing or projected needs in the following areas:  transportation infrastructure (road and bridges), county facilities, land improvement/development/acquisition, equipment purchases and technology.  It is the county’s principal planning tool, and is designed and strategically used to achieve growth and development as envisioned in the county’s Departmental Business Plans.

St. Louis County updates its CIP each year as part of its annual budget process.

The full amended CIP document and CIP Summary, as well as the amended Transportation Improvement Plan are available in the document library below. 

Capital Improvement Plan Documents


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