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St. Louis County Rescue Squad assists the Sheriff by performing search and rescue services to citizens and visitors in St. Louis County. The Rescue Squad's unique training and specialized equipment can be invaluable in saving lives.

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  • Staff and Location: Rick Slatten is the Captain of the Rescue Squad.  The south office is located in Duluth, MN, telephone number 218-625-3961.

  • Rescue Squad Operations: The Rescue Squad responds to calls involving wilderness search and rescue; boat and water safety; first aid; and public safety. Learn more about Operations... 

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  • Rescue Squad Skills: Volunteer Rescue Squad Members are trained in specialized skills. These are tasks which require training above and beyond the basic search and rescue skills such as first aid, cross country navigation, wilderness survival, emergency driving, and small boat handling. Learn more about Skills...

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  • Rescue Squad Donations: The Volunteer Rescue Squad was founded in 1958.  They have provided rescue services and disaster relief within our county for over 53 years. They are able to accomplish this mission thru the generous support of their many donors. Learn more about Donations...














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