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Emergency Management





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Preparing for Disasters and Emergencies

The role of Emergency Management is to protect lives, property and environment from natural and/or man-made disasters through preparation, mitigation, response and recovery and to maximize the protection and promotion of public safety, health and welfare during large-scale emergencies.

Emergency Planning

It's important for everyone to plan for a disaster. Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. What will you do for food? How will you communicate with family members? What medications do you need? What will you do with your pets?  How can you help your community?

Many questions need to be answered and every family has a variety of needs that they will be concerned about. Some planning on your part could play a large role in protecting you, your family. and your community.

Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan 2020


Family Emergency Planning

Emergency plans are your guide to knowing what to do when a disaster hits. They include information on how your family will communicate, where you will go for safety and who is responsible for what. Make sure everyone in your household knows what the emergency plan is and what to do.

For more information, visit Ready.gov

Pet Plan

If you must evacuate, the most important thing you can do to protect your pets is to evacuate them, too. Leaving pets behind, even if you try to create a safe place for them, is likely to result in their being injured, lost, or worse. So prepare now for the day when you and your pets may have to leave your home.

There are precautions you can take to increase your pets' chances of survival, but they are not a substitute for evacuating with your pets.

For more information, visit Ready.gov

For specific information related to pets, contact The Humane Society of the United States.

Region 2 Pet Disaster relief trailer

Region 2 in Northeastern MN has a regional Pet Disaster Trailer equipped to supply an emergency pet shelter.  The trailer and equipment was provided by a grant through AKC Reunite.  The Duluth Kennel club sponsored the grant request for the region and also donated $1000 towards the project.

The trailer includes, crates, leashes, collars, bowls, chip reader, cleaning supplies, generator, portable lighting and other needed supplies to operating the shelter.   St. Louis County is working with Animal Allies of Duluth to staff and run the shelter in the event of an emergency.

Here's an additional news story with more information:

Natural Hazards

Natural hazards are hazards presented by the physical world such as ice storms, thunderstorms, lightning, tornadoes, hailstorms, windstorms, extreme temperatures, flooding, drought, wildfire, infectious diseases, earthquake, and solar storms.

Technological hazards are hazards presented by man such as structural fires, hazardous materials, water supply contamination, wastewater system failure, dam failure, radiological and terrorism.

For more information, visit Ready.gov

Community Response

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program helps train people to be better prepared to respond to emergency situations in their communities. When emergencies happen, CERT members can give critical support to first responders, provide immediate assistance to victims, and organize spontaneous volunteers at a disaster site. CERT members can also help with non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community.

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (R.A.C.E.S)
R.A.C.E.S. stands for Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services

Register for Northlandalert.com Notices

St. Louis County uses an emergency notification system to alert the public about emergencies and other important community news.  Through NorthlandAlert, anyone can subscribe to receive emergency notices by phone, text and/or email. NorthlandAlert enables officials to provide essential information quickly when there is a threat to the health and safety of residents.

To receive notices from NorthlandAlert, you must subscribe and provide the contact information you wish us to use. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Register for NorthlandAlert

NorthlandAlert is done in partnership with the cities of Duluth, Hermantown, Hibbing and Virginia. On the subscription page you also will have the option to sign up for notices from these cities.


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