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Reminders & Tips

  • January 30th is the last day to redeem points/rewards earned the prior year
  • Points that are not claimed by January 30th will automatically be issued an e-visa gift card
  • Missing an  incentive?  Contact Sharecare via one of the options below.  Email Beth Menor and Tiffany Kari if you don't receive immediate and full resolution.
    • Sharecare Customer Service  1-800-268-5703
    • Open a ticket to digital support by clicking on Sharecare Member Support at bluecrossmn.sharecare.com
    • Call the phone number on the back of your BlueCross card
    • Chat or open a ticket from the Sharecare app.  Select:  You, Gear Icon, Support
  • Audit your steps weekly (at a minimum) and your rewards monthly (at a minimum).  

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The Fitness Incentive program brought to you by a partnership between Blue Cross and Sharecare is designed to be an accessible program that allows employees to get rewarded for exercising, regardless of where they do it.  

You can walk on a treadmill at home, you can lift weights, you can run outside, or go to the gym. All physical exercise is translated into “steps”, either tracked with a device or health app on your phone, or manually entered daily with the ease of a conversion chart

Employees and dependents 18 years of age or older (up to 2 family members a month) who achieve 7500 steps (or the equivalent), 21 days in a calendar month will receive a $20 credit that they can redeem as merchandise, cash, gift cards or e-gift cards through the Sharecare Marketplace.

In addition, you’ll have access to tools and resources to help keep you motivated like the RealAge®, personalized health tips,  daily trackers to measure your progress, access to coaching and other Blue Cross member-exclusive programs available at no additional cost to you, and topics you can follow to help lower your RealAge® number and do more for your health.

Say hello to a younger, healthier you. No matter how old the calendar says you are, your body can tell a different story. Depending on your lifestyle, your body may be older (or younger!) than you think. RealAge® can tell you and give you actionable health tips to help you lower it. LEARNING YOUR REALAGE IS EASY!  Answer a few questions online and you’ll get the answer immediately. READY TO DISCOVER YOUR REALAGE or register for Fitness Incentive?  Login/Register via your Sharecare app on your phone or desktop.
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The RealAge Test is your Health Risk Assessment for the Total Wellness Program.  You can opt out of the RealAge test and complete it later but you will need to complete the RealAge Test in order to qualify for your Total Wellness Program year-end rewards.

How to Finish Real Age Test Later