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Septic Area
Contractor Information
Septic permit applications are required for a variety of purposes. Licensed septic designers and installers typically complete the application forms and submit to the county for review.
Application Information

Mound, At-Grade, In-Ground, Graywater

Holding Tank


Form 3000: Residential Construction Application (Updated: 12/28/21)

Form 3001: Commercial Construction Application (Updated: 1/4/22)

Form 3002: SSTS Design Summary (Updated: 7/27/22)

Form 3003: SSTS Site Sketch (Updated: 3/24/21)

Form 3010: SSTS Operating Permit Worksheet (Updated: 12/28/21)

Maintainer (pumper) Contract (From Maintainer)

Management Plan or Pre-Approved


Type IV

Type V

Installer Documents

Point of Sale Documents

OP Renewal

Form 3040: SSTS Operating Permit Renewal (Updated: 5/26/22)

Renewal Operating Permit - Application Guide

If necessary

Form 3041: Operating Permit 5-1 (Updated: 12/28/21)

Product O&M Worksheets (manufacturer supplied)

O&M Manual Worksheets


State Forms

Management Plans

Below Grade Systems (Trenches and Beds)

Above Grade Systems (Mounds and At-Grades)

Holding Tank System 


Homeowner Information

Homeowner Installation

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On-Site Wastewater

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