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Current Newsletter

Onsite Wastewater 3-26-2024

  • SSTS Professional Open House Meeting
  • 2024 Fee Schedule
  • Online Septic Permitting
  • New Planning and Zoning Contact Info


Onsite Wastewater 1-26-2024

  • Open Environmental Specialist Positions
  • SSTS Professional Open House Meeting
  • Online Septic Permitting
  • New Planning and Zoning Contact Info

Onsite Wastewater 1-5-2024

  • 2024 Fee Schedule
  • County Forms and Submittal Requirements
  • Point of Sale during the winter season


On-Site Wastewater 10-19-2023

  • Fall 2023 Brief Update
  • Department Reorganization  

On-Site Wastewater 9-8-2023

  • Permit Activity Update
  • Replacing Failing Septic Systems Grant Opportunity  
  • The University of Minnesota to Host Two Free Septic Trainings Focused Toward Homeowner Education 
  • Winter Installs: Soil Verifications 
  • Point of Sale Requirements During the Winter Season

On-Site Wastewater 5-9-2023

  • Season Kick Off 
  • Open House Meeting Follow Up
  • NEW Septic Record Look-Up Function 
  • Septic Loan Abatement Program 

On-Site Wastewater 4-10-2023

  • Ordinance 61 Amendments adopted by the St. Louis County Board 
  • Reminder for April 13, 2023, Open House Meeting
  • Be Prepared. What to do with your Septic System During a Flood
  • Contractor Open House Meeting: April 13, 2023
  • Reminder to Submit Outstanding Paperwork and New Cancellation Policy
  • Meet Our New Staff, Teresa and Dylan!
  • Proposed Ordinance 61 Amendments & Open House Public Meeting Information 
  • Winter Sale Requirements
  • Operating Permit Renewals vs. Compliance Inspections


  • Thank You for Another Successful Season!
  • 2022 Numbers Recap
  • Planning for 2023
  • Fall 2022 Check-In
  • Winter Installs: Soil Verifications Now!
  • Point of Sale Requirements During the Winter Season
  • Potential Ordinance 61 Amendments - January 2023
  • Welcome, John Otterbein!

On-Site Wastewater 8-12-2022

  • Permit Activity Update
  • Potential SSTS Ordinance 61 Amendments
  • Other Friendly Reminders

On-Site Wastewater 4-28-2022

  • Kick-Off to the 2022 Construction Season
  • Soil Confirmations
  • Permit to Construct Application and Design Submittals
  • MPCA Type IV and Type III Systems
  • Compliance Inspections
  • Final Inspection Requests
  • As-Builts Required
  • Implementation of Final Inspections by an Independent Inspection Contractor

On-Site Wastewater 3-24-2022

  • SSTS Professionals Open Houses a Success!
  • Dwelling Definition and Bunkhouses/Sleepers
  • Updated SSTS Forms on the County Website
  • Point of Sale Program

On-Site Wastewater 2-18-2022

  • INVITE - SSTS Professionals Open Houses

On-Site Wastewater 1-6-2022

  • Permit numbers for 2021
  • New 2022 fee schedule
  • County forms and submittal requirements
  • Contractor meetings – save the date


Land Use & On-Site Wastewater Planning 10-8-2021

  • Recreational Vehicles (RVs)
  • Land Alterations in Shoreland Areas
  • Short Term Rentals
  • Fast Track Gov - Online Permitting

On-Site Wastewater 10-1-2021

  • Required: Submission of paperwork before issuance of Certificate of Compliance
  • Winter Installs: Soil Verification Now!
  • Fast Track Gov Implementation Success
  • Peat Filter Systems: Technical Standards
  • Off Season Contractor Meetings

On-Site Wastewater 5-27-2021

  • Launch of Online Permitting for Septic Systems
  • Direct Link for Septic Portal
  • Video Demo Link

On-Site Wastewater 4-30-2021

  • New SSTS County forms
  • Installation requirements
  • Management plan requirements
  • Existing system upgrades

On-Site Wastewater 4-9-2021

  • Fast Track Gov announcement
  • Compliance inspections and expired operating permits
  • As-builts required
  • Land alteration within shoreland area
  • Miscellaneous misconceptions

On-Site Wastewater 3-15-2021

  • New SSTS County forms
  • Fast Track Gov permitting system announcement
  • Multiple system compliance inspection process
  • Contour loading rate chart remainder



On-Site Wastewater 12-3-2020

  • Soil confirmations for winter installations
  • Freezing or frozen soil SSTS installation policy
  • Septic records now available online
  • Septic grants & loans

On-Site Wastewater 10-6-2020

  • Septic program moves to Planning Department
  • Message from new Director of Planning Department
  • Septic records available online
  • Online permitting system announcement
  • Septic grants & loans


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