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A Community Planning Toolbox

The Maps-on-Demand interactive application provides a toolbox for the public to query and print predefined, scaled maps to assist community and comprehensive planning efforts. Mapped data can support housing, land use, natural resource, transportation, economic development, infrastructure, parks/trails/openspace, and cultural planning efforts.

Please note that this app will be discontinued as of April 26, 2015!


Maps on Demand

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When and how often is the data updated?
  The maps are connected live and will show what is current in the St. Louis County databases.
How can I tell which Section/Township/Range I am looking for?
  Please view our Township-Range-Section Reference Guide and Locator Map.
I can’t get the site to work properly. What should I do?
  Try refreshing the browser and waiting for it to load completely. The site will work with Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9, Safari, and Firefox.
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