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Bipoc Leadership Team Newsletter - June 2023
Black History Month 2024
In honor of Black History Month, the BIPOC ERG co-chairs, Dr. Tim Myles and Tawney Carlson, have shared cultural perspectives about what Black History Month means to them and elements of their community that are important to them.
The mission of the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Employee Resource Group (ERG) is to provide a supportive and safe place for individuals who identify as BIPOC. The BIPOC leadership team’s goal is to collectively support leadership to promote a sense of belonging and to create an inclusive and positive work environment.

Every employee at St. Louis County is valued, respected, and deserves to feel welcome and to bring their whole selves into the workplace. The BIPOC Leadership Team’s vision is to create a sense of belonging, to share resources related to cultural wellness and education, and to establish goals for workplace inclusion within St. Louis County for people who identify as BIPOC, therefore increasing and improving the retention of BIPOC employees.

The BIPOC Leadership Team’s goal is to provide connectivity for individuals who may otherwise feel alone, to contribute to a supportive and safe environment for members of the BIPOC community, and to serve as a bridge between management, leadership, and the BIPOC staff community across St. Louis County. As partners in the goal to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all, the BIPOC team is committed to the following:

  • Partnering with leadership to embrace all staff and to create a culture where BIPOC staff feel welcomed and included.
  • Assisting in formulating strategy on how to have uncomfortable conversations not only with upper management but with all employees within St. Louis County.
  • Reducing stigma around topics of race, equity, and equality and work to define each with supportive information and best practices.
  • Serving as an advisory board to leadership when issues or conversations of race arise, or as needed.
  • Providing support across the County to ensure voices of all employees, including BIPOC staff are integrated into hiring, retention, new policies, training, workplace safety and satisfaction, racial discrimination topics, and community partnerships.


Tawney Carlson
Dr. Tim Myles