Natural Disasters


Natural Disasters

St. Louis County uses a cross-departmental approach to prepare for and respond to natural disasters and other large-scale events. Flooding, wildfires, winter storms and severe thunderstorms/winds are the most common natural hazards to affect our region. These can lead to damage to both public infrastructure and private property.

When these events occur, the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Division may activate the Emergency Operations Center to combine resources and share information from the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works, Public Health, Administration, Assessors, Environmental Services and others who support this work. This ensures the most complete response to serve our citizens and assist with recovery efforts.


Flood resources and information for people affected by the June 18, 2024, weather event Flooding Information (

Wildfire/air quality information Wildfire Information (


Emergency Support Services (

Emergency Preparedness (


In emergency or to file a report, call 911.

Sheriff's Office Emergency Management Division 218-625-3960

Josh Brinkman, Emergency Management Coordinator 218-625-3966 Email

Dewey Johnson, Emergency Support Services Administrator 218-726-2936 Email

Scott Lesnau, Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator 218-471-7619 Email