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St. Louis County Extension Office

The County Extension Office is a Division of County Administration, offering programs and services to all age groups. Our mission is to serve the public and make a difference by connecting community needs with County and University resources and to address critical issues in St. Louis County. Our goals are to improve life skills, quality of life, and enhance the economy and the environment through education and applied research.

Topic Areas

Events and Programs

Get Ready to Grow

Spring Gardening Extravaganza



Garden & Lawn

Gardening Information 

Master Gardener Program Programs & Events 

Soil Testing

Youth Programs

Iron Range Youth in Action

Informational & Educational Resources  

Helpful Resources
Fruit & Vegetable Variety Lists 
Recipe Books 

Farm & Field

Agricultural Programs

Cow/Calf Days Seminar Tour and Trade Show


Health & Nutrition

Nutrition Education Programs
Preserving & Preparing Food
Spend Smart Eat Smart
Food Preservation Resources
Food Producer/Food Safety Workshop

Hot Topics





News and Press

News and Press






Boards & Committees

St. Louis County Extension Committee

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Extension offers a range of services and programs including:

  • 4-H and Iron Range Youth in Action youth programs
  • Horticulture and Agriculture Education
  • The Master Gardener program
  • Nutrition Education


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