Is St. Louis County accepting/processing Right-of-Way (Utility) Permit Applications during the COVID-19 emergency?

The St. Louis County Public Works Department is still continuing its operations, including processing of permits, even though there are declared national, state and local emergencies regarding COVID-19. The processing of permits may require longer time than normal, but we are committed to still process permits. 

Can we continue to place our facilities under already approved Right-of-Way (Utility) Permits?

Yes. Continue your approved work as normal.

What happens in the event a shelter-in-place order is issued for Minnesota?

In the event that Minnesota’s residents (which includes St. Louis County employees) are ordered to shelter-in-place at home, we are still committed to processing permits during this time. Processing will be dependent on the permit complexity. Simpler permits will likely still be processed. More complex permits may be delayed until other appropriate staff can review. If you have a utility emergency during a shelter-in-place order, proceed with your repair/response as under a utility emergency condition (see the following questions).

What is considered a utility emergency?

St. Louis County defines a utility emergency where a customer has lost or had a disruption in service and it requires immediate attention.

What happens in the event a shelter-in-place order is issued for Minnesota and we need to respond to a utility emergency?

Complete the Right-of-Way (Utility) Permit application prior to excavating, but you can proceed with actual excavation work without the permit being approved. Please note in the permit work description that this is a utility emergency.