County Land Explorer


*Note: On December 14, St. Louis County conducted significant maintenance on the County Land Explorer.  This maintenance has impacted some users’ ability to access or utilize the application.*

Resolved Issues

  • Users have reported errors that prompt for a user name/password, as well as some issues with the print function. It has been determined that deleting web browser history, or trying a different web browser will resolve these and several others that users have reported. Several repeated attempts to delete browser history may be needed in some cases.
  • Access to the County Land Explorer map in the mobile 'Explorer for ArcGIS' app is currently available as an app titled 'St. Louis County, MN - Cadastral'. For the time being, it is limited to basic map layers, with more currently under development.

 Unresolved Issue: St. Louis County is currently troubleshooting these issues. 

  • Selected tax parcel does not match the geometry of the actual feature.
The St Louis County Land Explorer is an interactive web mapping application providing the ability to query and map St. Louis County land record data. This map application allows users to search by PIN, address, and other methods, while displaying information from the various County departments.



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