St. Louis County office buildings will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Sales and Contracts


The Land and Minerals Department offers a variety of auctions, sales and contracts on or for tax-forfeited land, including:

Tax-Forfeited Land Sales - not available at this time.

Former Shoreland Lease Lot Sales - not available at this time.

Gravel Sales - as directed by the County Board, the County Auditor (through the Land and Minerals Department) may lease tax forfeited land to individuals for the removal of gravel.

Timber Sales - the County conducts two public oral timber auctions, an intermediate oral timber auction, a sealed bid timber auction and a black spruce top sealed bid timber auction each year.

Forest Development Contracts - periodically throughout the year, the Land & Minerals Department advertises Forest Development Contracts for a variety of projects that may include: Ground Herbicide Site Preparation, Ground Herbicide Release for Conifer Plantations, Hand Release and Basal Pruning of Existing Conifer Plantation, Mechanical Ground Scarification through Disk Trenching and Anchor Chaining, Planting, and Bud capping Application.

Tax forfeited sale programs are regulated by Minnesota Statute 282.


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Virginia Area Office

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