Managed Forest Lands

The Managed Forest Land classification applies to unplatted real estate that meets the following criteria:

  • Rural in character,
  • At least 20 eligible acres of contiguous parcels of forested land,
  • Not used for agricultural purposes, and
  • Not improved with a structure (a minor, non-residential structure such as a shed does not disqualify a property).

The property cannot be enrolled in the Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) program.

In addition, the property must have a qualifying forest management plan (forest stewardship plan) in place. The plan must have been developed or updated by a DNR-approved plan writer within the last 10 years.  You cannot apply with a pending plan.

Managed Forest Land may qualify for a reduced class rate if the property meets all existing requirements. To qualify, a property owner must submit an application to the County Assessor no later than May 1 of the assessment year, for taxes payable the following year.  Additional information is available on the Department of Revenue website.

Managed Forest Application