How do I reach Court Administration?

Even though the Courthouse is a county building, the court system is actually part of the state government. The Court Administrator’s office can be reached at:
Duluth (218) 221-7560
Virginia (218) 305-7021
Hibbing (218) 274-6007

Why does St. Louis County have seven commissioners?

Any county in Minnesota with a population of more than 100,000 has the option to have seven commissioners (instead of the standard five). St. Louis County’s population is approximately 200,000, so each commissioner represents about 28,500 people.  

How Do I Contact My Commissioner?

Citizens are encouraged to call or email their commissioner with questions or concerns. The public also may address all commissioners during a time allotted at the beginning of each Board meeting.

Where Do My Property Taxes Go?

St. Louis County provides services to its citizens such as road and bridge construction and maintenance, 911
emergency dispatch coverage, crime prevention and prosecution, public records and property transactions
recording, property assessment, immunizations, veterans services, planning and community development,
environmental services, and support and protection for children, the elderly, and the vulnerable. Many of the services performed by
these departments are both mandated and underfunded by the federal government and the State of Minnesota.

For additional details, visit our online interactive tool, Budget Explorer.


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Room 202
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