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Housing & Redevelopment Authority (HRA) Board

St. Louis County's Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) was created in 1988 in accordance with Minnesota Statutes and has the same powers as a municipal HRA. Its operation territory includes communities in St. Louis County that do not have a municipal HRA, and if invited by a community, St. Louis County HRA may also operate in communities that do have a municipal HRA.

HRA activities are coordinated under the St. Louis County Planning and Community Development Department. Unlike municipal HRA's, St. Louis County HRA does not own or operate public housing or administer tenant-based rental assistance programs. The HRA's goal is to expand and diversify the county's economic base and to improve its housing stock. The St. Louis County Board of Commissioners serves as the governing board of the HRA and the county administrator serves as its executive director.

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The role of the St. Louis County HRA is:


To clear and redevelop blighted areas and remedy the shortage of housing for low and moderate income residents.




To remedy the shortage of housing for low and moderate income residents.

The St. Louis County does this by providing financial assistance to entities that are addressing these objections in projects that provide a regional impact.

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