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Government Performance

St. Louis County utilizes best practices in performance management and measurement. Annually, the County Board adopts the standard set of county performance measures proposed by the Minnesota State Auditor's Performance Measurement Program. Created by the Minnesota State Legislature's Council on Local Results, this is a standard set of ten performance measures for counties and ten performance measures for cities that will aid residents, taxpayers, and state and local officials in determining the efficacy of counties and cities in providing services, and measure residents' opinions of those services. Cities and counties that choose to participate in the new standards measure program may be eligible for a reimbursement in Local Government Aid, and exemption from levy limits. 

Participation in the Minnesota State Auditor's Performance Measures Program is voluntary; however, St. Louis County is well positioned to participate by virtue of its continued efforts in performance measurement and citizen surveys. Counties that choose to participate must officially adopt the corresponding 10 performance benchmarks developed by the Council, and report on them in order to receive a new local government performance aid, reimbursed at $0.14 per capital, not to exceed $25,000.

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