Missing Persons

Missing - But Not Forgotten

Following is a list of persons who have gone missing within St. Louis County over the years.  This list is published with respect and to reassure all that though time has passed, the missing have not been forgotten.

6/17/2005   Lloyd Skelton Angleworm Lake Trail, BWCA Never Found Hiker/camper; clothing found 4.5 miles in
5/24/2004 Julie Hill 9th Street, Duluth and Floodwood area Never Found Homicide victim
8/7/2003 Daniel P. Stauffer Mink Road, Ellsburg Township Never Found Missing since January 2003
6/14/2003 Leanna “Beaner” Warner, age 5 Chisholm, MN Never Found Possible abduction 
9/1/1994 Rod Lafave SandPoint Lake Never Found Fell out of boat
8/17/1991 Ruth Eckholm Twig area; downtown Duluth Never Found Dementia walkaway
9/8/1980 Nick Radovich Pineview Nursing Home, Soudan Never Found  
6/22/1972 Alex Aalto Brookston Nursing Home Never Found Dementia walkaway
9/29/1971 Vernon “Red” Carroll Nett Lake, Koochiching County line Never Found Logger
6/19/1969 Barbara Paciotti Hibbing area Never Found Homicide
5/1/1967 Arthur Halverson Lake Superior, Duluth Ship Canal Never Found Washed off pier in storm
5/1/1967 Nathan Halverson Lake Superior, Duluth Ship Canal Never Found Washed off pier in storm
5/1/1967 Eric Halverson Lake Superior, Duluth Ship Canal Never Found Washed off pier in storm
11/10/1963 George Lom Long Lake area, near Orr Never Found Hunter, believed lost tracking deer


If you have any information regarding these cases, contact the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office or the MN BCA Tip Line, Telephone 1-877-996-6222.

Cindy Joy Elias, Age 19

Was found murdered on the morning of March 24, 1977 off a logging road approximately eight miles north of Aurora, MN. Elias was found buried under a pile of brush at the scene, and initial investigations revealed she died as a result of multi-traumatic injuries to the head.

Elias was last seen in Virginia, MN at a local bar at approximately 12:30 a.m. A witness says Elias was looking for a ride home and had mentioned she was going to hitch hike. Police believe the perpetrator or perpetrators are local people who were familiar with the area where she was found.

Barbara Paciotti, Age 20

Was last seen with her boyfriend, Jeff Dolinich, in the early morning hours of June 14, 1969 in Hibbing, MN.  She had been out with a friend during the evening of June 13. She and her friend were driving downtown at about 1:45 a.m., and the two stopped in traffic to speak to another friend when Dolinich approached the car and asked Paciotti if she would come with him so he could speak with her. The two were seen leaving in a 1964 green Oldsmobile; it was the last she was seen alive. On June 14, Dolinich was questioned by police, and he said he had been out drinking on June 13. He acknowledged leaving Hibbing with Barbara, that the two had argued, he struck her and he thought she was dead. Dolinich said he awoke the morning of June 14 in Mora, Minnesota with no memory of where Paciotti was. His pants and shoes were covered in grass and mud.

Dale Wheeler

Was found dead lying on the shore of Lake Superior in 1983 in Duluth, Minnesota. Her murder has never been solved.