• Registration Form

  • You may pre-register to ensure that you are eligible to bid on and purchase tax-forfeited land in St. Louis County. We will not contact you unless there is an issue.
    Filling out this form does not register you for bidding on Public Surplus. You must register on the Public Surplus website in order to bid online.
    If you are the successful bidder, the registration form must also be included with your sale paperwork, even if you pre-registered.
    If you are bidding on behalf of a business, you must fill out the Company Information section of this form.


    You are being given this data practices notice in the event that any of the data you provide includes private data on yourself. The data you provide will be used by St. Louis County and others whose jobs reasonably require access to the data, in order to process your property transaction. It may also be used in subsequent hearings or proceedings related to this matter. The following individuals/entities may have a legal right to access this data:

    • Supervisors/administrators whose input is necessary in the decision-making process;
    • Staff of the St. Louis County Human Resources Department;
    • Staff of the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office;
    • Staff of the St. Louis County Auditor’s Office;
    • Staff of the Minnesota State Auditor’s Office;
    • St. Louis County Commissioners and their staff;
    • Your exclusive representative;
    • Staff of state and/or federal courts;
    • Staff of state and/or federal enforcement agencies, including but not limited to:
      • U.S Treasury Department
      • MN Department of Revenue
      • MN Department of Natural Resources
      • U.S Environmental Protection Agency
    • Appropriate licensing entities and agencies;
    • Law enforcement agencies and prosecutorial authorities;
    • Counsel for parties in litigation pursuant to court order;
    • Persons/entities whom you authorize to receive the data; and
    • Any other person or entity authorized by state or federal law.

    In addition to providing the above information, a Tennessen Warning requires that the individual be informed if s/he may refuse or is legally required to supply the data and must be informed of the consequences of refusing to supply the data.

    Voluntary Compliance

    You are not legally required to provide any information to the Land and Minerals Department. If you do provide the requested information, it will be used to assist employees in processing the sale with the State of Minnesota and St. Louis County. Your failure to provide the information requested will prevent a completed property transaction. If you do provide information, it is our expectation that the information you provide will be truthful.

  • Prohibited Buyer or Bidder (Delinquent Taxes)

    Any person, or entity, or entity controlled by such a person, is a prohibited buyer or bidder, if said person or entity is delinquent on real or personal property taxes in St. Louis County. Please check prior to auction that all the real or personal property taxes are paid. If you are interested in purchasing tax-forfeited property on the available list or public auction, you must pay all your delinquent taxes prior to bidding or purchasing. No Exceptions!

  • If you have answered “yes” to the above question, per County Board policy, you are a prohibited buyer, business or bidder of tax-forfeited property in St. Louis County. Please pay all your delinquent taxes prior to bidding on or purchasing any tax forfeited property.

  • If you have answered “yes” to the above question, per County Board policy, you must pay in full.
  • Buyer Information (If more than two (2), please fill out an additional form.)

  • Primary Buyer Information

  • Second Buyer Information

  • Company Information (If bidding on behalf of a business.)
  • Ownership (For DEED purposes only.)

  • Tract(s) - Optional
  • How did you hear about this sale?

  • I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if any of this information turns out to be false, the sale will be voided. If sold at auction, the parcel(s) may be reoffered for sale.