Youth Development FAQs


How can my child participate in 4-H?

4-H membership is open to St. Louis County young people from grades kindergarten to one year past high school. Adults are invited to participate as 4-H volunteers. Membership in 4-H is free.

More information about becoming a 4-H member can be found here.

To enroll in 4-H, click here.

How can my 13-15 year old participate in the 4-H Incredible Exchange?

Youth in St. Louis County may apply now through April 30th. Youth must be 13-15 years old as of the deadline date for the volunteer session and can participate in a total of two sessions. Eligible applicants will be invited to an interview session in May, where they will meet mentors from volunteer sites. Mentors will conduct interviews with potential volunteers and youth will be matched with one of our many volunteer sites. 
To apply to the 4-H Incredible Exchange, visit: