Horticulture and Agriculture Questions


How can I get my soil tested?

Many garden problems can be solved by testing your soil to learn what nutrients are missing. Testing is done by the University of Minnesota Soil Testing Laboratory to evaluate soil fertility and pH level. You can visit their website to print out the form you will need to send in your soil sample. The website also has instructions on how to take your sample. The fee for a regular test is $17.

If you are not able to access the Soil Testing Laboratory website, the Extension Office in Duluth (733-2870) or Virginia (749-7120) will be happy to provide you with the needed form.

How can I get my water tested?

A variety of local and regional businesses and laboratories are able to test water. If you require a lab analysis from a Minnesota Department of Health certified laboratory, please call 888-345-0823 for a listing of certified laboratories. In addition, Carlton County offers well water analysis. Click here for more info. Currently, St. Louis County does not offer water testing or analysis.

For more information regarding residential wells and their care please visit the Minnesota Department of Health.

How can I buy trees from St. Louis County?

The Extension Office does not sell trees. The St. Louis County Soil and Water Conservation District offers a variety of native trees and shrubs for sale each year. The sale takes place in late winter with the deadline in early April. For more information regarding the tree sale click here.

I found a strange insect in my yard or garden. How can I find out more info?

Educators in the Extension Office may be able to identify insects or pests that are related to gardening, horticulture, or agriculture. Please call the Extension Office at 218-733-2870 in Duluth or 218-749-7120 in Virginia to speak with an Extension educator.