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Planning for 2018

The St. Louis County Board and staff are actively working on the 2018 budget and property tax levy.  On September 26 the County Board unanimously approved the 2018 preliminary levy of $132.2 million - a 4.45% increase from this year. Nearly all of that increase will be offset by the estimated 3.95% growth in the property tax base.

The County Board scheduled two public meetings to provide budget details to county citizens prior to final approval of the levy and budget.  The meetings are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Thursday, November 30 in the Virginia Courthouse and Thursday, December 7 in the Duluth Courthouse.  

See the 2018 Budget Meetings Presentation

Read the September news release

See the Powerpoint Preliminary Budget presentation


2017 Budget

The St. Louis County Board adopted the 2017 budget of $387,159,183 at its last meeting of 2016. The County Board had approved a preliminary maximum levy of $126,550,079 (an 8.5% increase over last year) in September, and has certified this same levy at its County Board meeting Tuesday, Dec. 20. The increase reflects the need to make investments in children and family services, strengthen the County's health insurance fund, support unfunded state mandates, and make up for the unsigned tax bill that had contained over $3 million in funding support for St. Louis County.

Citizen Guide to the Budget ImageExpenditure and Revenue Graphs

Due to the County's growing property tax base, most people will see little change in their property taxes (on the County line) compared to two years ago. St. Louis County's property tax base has increased 8.0 percent in the last two years. That means, for a person who's property value has remained the same, the County portion of their property taxes will increase only slightly compared to two years ago. For instance, a home valued at $200,000 will see an increase of $1.09 for 2017 compared to 2015.

The levy – revenue collected from property taxes – makes up about one third of the St. Louis County budget. Each year, in establishing a preliminary levy, the Board must find balance between its goals for the services it wishes to provide, and the tax impact on citizens based on the cost of providing those services.


Citizens are invited to give their input on the budget at any County Board meeting, or by contacting commissioners directly. 


Levy-Supported Services Pie Chart

This graphic shows the services taxpayer dollars will support in 2017.


The operating budget allows the County to fulfill its mission of delivering high quality, yet efficient, services to citizens in the areas of public works, health and human services, criminal justice, community development, planning and zoning, land and minerals management, solid waste and recycling, and general government services.

Through the budget process, the County Board and management staff annually reexamine the services provided within the County.  It is a lengthy and comprehensive process that begins early each year.

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