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Sheriff W. W. Butchart

Sheriff William W. Butchert1896  Sheriff W.W. Butchart in Office

Photo: NEMHC S2386 portrait collection
Northeast Minnesota Historical Center

Deputy Sheriffs Victor A. Dash and Amos Shepherd worked for Sheriff W. W. Butchart.


About 1903 Hanging About the Badge

"Old W.W."

Sheriff William W. Butchart served two terms in office.  The first from 1895 to 1897 and the second from 1903 to 1904. 

Sheriff William W. Butchart, usually referred to as "Old W. W." died in his sleep on August 28, 1904.  His son, Walter B. Butchart, filled out the unexpired term of "Old W. W." and became the youngest sheriff on record in St. Louis County and one of the youngest in the nation.
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