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Hazardous Waste

We use household hazardous products every day in cleaning and fixing our homes, maintaining our cars, and taking care of our lawns. But if these products are not properly used, stored, and disposed of, they can present a hazard to our health and our environment. St. Louis County offers free disposal for residential or Household Hazardous Wastes, and opportunities for businesses that generate minimal or very small quantities.  We also have a product room called our FREEstore where paint and other household products may be picked up free of charge.

If you're in need of information about Household Medical Waste click on this link.

In addition to the two permanent Household Hazardous Waste facilities, mobile collections are available throughout the summer at the locations throughout northern St. Louis County.

Hazardous Waste from Households Non-residential and Business Hazardous Waste FREEstore Maps Where to go in Duluth Old Paint

St. Louis County operates two permanent household hazardous waste facilities.  In addition, during the summer months the County conducts mobile collections in outlying communities.

East Range: 5345 Regional Landfill Road, Virginia. East of Virginia off of Hwy 135 at Regional Landfill. Hours: Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8am-1pm. Phone: 741-8831

West Range: 3994 Landfill Road, Hibbing. 1 mile west of Hwy 73, north of Hwy 169 on Landfill Road. Hours: Saturdays, 8am-1pm. Phone:362-5922.

Hazardous wastes from household use may be brought free of charge.  Allowable items include (click on links to read more):

Handling HHW

  • Transport in containers that don't leak.  
  • Keep in original packaging if possible. If not, label the container with content ingredients.
  • Secure fluorescent lights and glass containers so they do not break and release hazardous vapors in your vehicle.

The following items are also handled differently than your household garbage.  Some are collected at several County Solid Waste Facilities. 

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St. Louis County Environmental Services Department
307 First St. S., Ste. 115
Virginia, Minnesota  55792