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2018 Ord 61 Mound Calculations Spreadsheet Excel doc

Septic system mound calculation spreadsheet for septic designers.

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At Grade Calculation Spreadsheet Excel doc

ISTS At Grade Calculation spreadsheet for septic system designers. 

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BOA PC Dates and Deadlines
Publication1/16/202015.08 KBDownload
Buried Sewer Const & Pressure Test MDH
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ISTS Inspector Area Map
Onsite Wastewater Staff Specialists Area map (December 19, 2019). 
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Mound Worksheet Diagram

Mound worksheet diagram for SSTS designer (fillable pdf).

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MPCA 2014 Compliance Inspection Form Existing SSTS

Existing SSTS compliance inspection Form (fillable Word doc) for septic inspectors.

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Additional Files:
MPCA Abandonment Form

MPCA Abandonment Form (fillable Word doc).

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OP Holding Tank Form 5-1 Operational Checklist
This form is completed by the State of MN licensed Maintainer upon inspection of a holding tank.  This form must accompany the OP Holding Tank Renewal & Annual Application.
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Additional Files:
OP Holding Tank Renewal or Annual Application (PDF)

Operating Permit Holding Tank Renewal or Annual Submittal Application. 


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OP Owner Transfer Application (PDF)

Application to transfer ownership of an Operating Permit into the name of the new owner(s).  No fee required.

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Additional Files:
OP Renewal Application (Operation & Maintenance Inspection)

Application & questionnaire for Operating Permit Renewals on SSTS requiring a complete Operation & Maintenance Inspection (O & M). 

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Additional Files:
OP Renewal Contractors Summary Sheet

SSTS Service Provider to use when performing an Operation and Maintenance inspection to submit with an Operating Permit Renewal.

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Additional Files:
OP SSTS Design Worksheet Winter Installations
In the event of a septic system installation under freezing or frozen soil conditions, this required form is to revise a SSTS design to allow for wintertime installations.
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Operating Permit SSTS Design Worksheet (pdf)

Operating Permit system design worksheet for SSTS designers (not fillable).

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Additional Files:
Septic System Disclosure/Transfer Agreement (PDF)
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Additional Files:
Septic System Point of Sale Brochure

What to know if you're thinking of selling your property: point of sale requirement information for septic owners.

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SSTS Calculation Spreadsheet In-Ground

SSTS In-Ground Speadsheet for septic system designers (.xls)

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SSTS Commercial Application (PDF)
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Additional Files:
SSTS Compliance Inspection Application (Word)

SLC existing SSTS compliance inspection application (fillable Word) for SSTS designers.

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