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The St. Louis County Attorney, Mark S. Rubin, is an elected official who acts as the chief prosecutor for crimes that occur in the County.  He acts as the legal advisor for the County Board and initiates legal proceedings to protect our most vulnerable citizens in St. Louis County. To learn more about the office and its work, click 2016 Annual Report or click any of the links below.

Topic Areas

Criminal Prosecution

Adult Prosecution
Gross Misdemeanor
Petty Misdemeanor
Juvenile Prosecution
Fraud Prosecution

Adult & Families

Adult Protection
Child Protection
Paternity and Child Support Enforcement

Victim Services

Crime Victim Rights


Civil Proceedings

Legal Advice and Support



State District Court
Court of Appeals
Supreme Court
Federal District Court
Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals
Tax Court
Workers' Compensation Court

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Minnesota Judicial Center
Minnesota Bar Association
Legal Aid Service of Northeastern Minnesota
Volunteer Attorney Program


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News and Press

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Reports &


2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
Prosecutor's Summit on Domestic Violence 2013
Other reports, publications, and documents.





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The St. Louis County Attorney is an elected official with specific obligations which are set forth in Minnesota statutes. The staff of 70, led by County Attorney Mark S. Rubin, is divided into four divisions: Criminal, Civil, Public Health and Human Services (PHHS), and Victim/Witness Services. Offices are located in the Duluth, Virginia, and Hibbing Courthouses as well as the Government Services Center in Duluth.

The mission of St. Louis County Attorney Mark S. Rubin and the staff he leads is to promote the well-being of county citizens through fair and vigorous prosecution of crime; to assist and protect victims and others in need; and to provide timely, sound, and effective legal advice and representation to County Departments and the Board of Commissioners.

The County Attorney is the legal advisor for the County Board of Commissioners, County officials, and County departments. As legal advisor for the County, the County Attorney serves in a role that is similar to that of an in-house corporate counsel, giving legal advice on all Civil proceedings. For more information on Civil Division of the County Attorney’s Office, click here Civil Proceedings.

The County Attorney is the chief prosecutor for crimes which occur in the County. The County Attorney prosecutes felony crimes, gross misdemeanors and misdemeanors which occur within the County. For more information on the Criminal Division of the County Attorney’s Office, click here Criminal Prosecution.

The County Attorney is the prosecutor in all cases involving juvenile offenders. The County Attorney also oversees diversion programs which allow juvenile offenders to receive consequences for minor offenses without appearing in court. For more information on the Juvenile Division of the County Attorney’s Office, click here Juvenile Prosecution.

The County Attorney initiates Child in Need of Protection or Services (CHIPS) petitions to protect abused or neglected children in the county. He also starts legal proceedings to protect the health and safety of vulnerable adults within the County when they are in need of assistance, files involuntary commitment actions to provide necessary treatment for individuals who are mentally ill or chemically dependent. For more information on the Public Health and Human Service Division of the County Attorney’s Office, click here Public Health and Human Service Division.

The County Attorney provides assistance to victims which helps ease the physical, emotional, and financial hardships caused by criminalization. Crime victims are advised of their legal rights and status of their cases, and are offered an opportunity for their input. For more information on the Victim/Witness Division of the County Attorney’s Office, click here Victim Services.

The County Attorney’s Office welcomes and offers internships to students interested in opportunities associated with the legal field. A wide variety of work is available to interns including the areas of prosecution, community crime prevention efforts, and juvenile justice reform efforts. Internships are available year round and are offered to undergraduates and law school students. Typically internships are unpaid. Inquiries regarding internship can be directed to

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