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The Veterans Service Office assists with a full range of applications for veterans' benefits, both federal and state, for veterans and their eligible dependents. It acts as a liaison with various service organizations and other related agencies that assume an advocate role on behalf of veterans and their dependents. 


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The Veterans Service Office was established in 1946 to assist veterans and their eligible dependents in obtaining benefits and services that are accrued through military service.  Today, our offices strive to educate and inform all veterans residing in St. Louis County of the many veterans' benefits that are available.  As we talk with you, we will explain how each benefit affects you, what is needed to apply for the benefit and how the process works.  At any time you can call us with questions or concerns pertaining to your application or benefits that are granted through the US Department of and the Minnesota Department of Veteran Affairs.  Our goal is to make sure that all veterans in St. Louis County are aware of their deserving benefits for serving in the U.S. Military!

We assist in full application for veterans' benefits, both federal and state.  There are a vast amount of benefits to include: compensation for service connected disabilities, non-service connected pensions for veterans (wartime service), widows and other qualified recipients, educational benefits, eligibility certificate for home loan guarantee, aid and attendance benefits for veterans and widows in nursing homes, and medical treatment through the VA Medical Facilities.

The Veterans Service Office acts as a liaison with various service organizations and other related agencies that assume an advocate role on behalf of veterans and their dependents. Advice and guidance is given to applicants and recipients concerning federal and state regulations governing benefits.

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